Entrecarder Adventures

Multiple Blogs on One Entrecard Account  

Responsive fellows that they are, the guys at Entrecard have streamlined the process for adding a new blog to an existing Entrecard account. Many Entrecarders have multiple blogs and it's been a bit of a pain to log in with a separate email address for each account. Entrecard has solved that problem and it's now possible to link all of your Entrecard accounts together, plus, any new blogs that you want to participate in the Entrecard experience can be added without the need for an additional email account.(Add a Blog feature.)

I've been using this new feature for a couple of days and it's really slick, so much so that I might add another 20 blogs to my Entrecard account! I also like being able to see all the blogs that other Entrecarders have linked together. Good stuff!

Finally, the long-awaited Entrecard E-book is a ready for distribution!